of Asian Opium weights

I do not collect fake weights, but I saw to often fake OPIUM weights on internet auctions and start to cry if I see high bids on them.
The Information's are often total incorrect and the price is much to high. So I start to buy also some fakes ( for a fair and low price ) and hope to help some new collectors with this pictures.

Be always very careful by buying Opium weights, try to buy only from serious Dealers or try to get help from other collectors. Special the rare weights in style of Apes, Snakes, Dragons, Elephants, Horses, Turtles.... and much more, never to find in a set in near the same style. A set of this, is to 100 % a fake !!!
Some other styles are never made as original weights !
( Buddha's and peacocks as example )

I am very happy to see other examples of reproduction !