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Scales Nr. Pharm 1

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149 $ + shipping costs

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Scales Nr. Pharm 2

Very nice Assay scale made by H: OLLAND 
( Means that now the name or Country Holland ? )
48,5 cm wide 19 cm deep and all over 35,5 cm high

Very fine made and from high precision.
A small wooden part is lost on the top left corner ( good to see on the picture )
Also the bubble glass need some more water but is NOT broken !!!

Price by discussion

  Scales Nr. Pharm 3
Scales Nr. Pharm 4

Made by
De Grave London
capacity 4 oz

Wooden frame / glass cabinet

The scale measures 47,5 cm wide
25,75 cm deep and 46,25 cm

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  Scales Nr. Pharm 6
Scales Nr. Pharm 8

Alloy wipe scale. US made
by Crandall

145 $ incl. Airmail shipping


  Scales Nr. Pharm 9


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