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Little updates like descriptions or less than 3 pictures not include,
because I update all two days, thanks.

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01-Dec-98 Lexicon with technical drawings
15-Dec-98 Scales > commercial > beam scales
29-Dec-98 Trade > Search
02-Jan-99 Service
03-Jan-99 descriptions for some scales and new pictures
spring balances - pharmacy scales - market scales

04-Jan-99 Service > Help > Help about fake nested weights
15-Jan-99 only some pictures scales / weights
18-Jan-99 include pictures of a US collection
Nested weight
25-Jan-99 for sale new items and a text mark
which scales or weights I have in stock for
trade or sale
26-Jan-99 shop -separation scales / weights and update link site
28-Jan-99 lexicon some measures and update some descriptions
30-Jan-99 lexicon beam scales ( Pivot ) also some new
really nice beam scales and a rare stone weight
31-Jan-99 better pictures opium weights
update weight descriptions
01-Feb-99 service > fakes and
Service > help ( new ) for beginners
05-Feb-99 some new pictures of pharmacy weights
and as test a scales show
07-Feb-99 some new pictures of decimal scales
and commercial > puppet scales
15-Feb-99 a few new pictures
18-Feb-99 A nice new kitchen scale from 1877
03-March-99 new descriptions for nested weights
include drawings of the marks
06-March-99 now also the mark drawings by other weights
hard work ... to be continued
also some new Asian and Stone weights
21-March-99 Nested weights - new building incl.
a new rare Middle Age weight
24-March-99 Coin scales - new building incl.
some new pictures
26-March-99 Trading - new building
15-April-99 Commercial > German Iron weights - new building
and some new pictures
22-April-99 Grain scales , some new scales and new building
Mai / June -99 Weights / Scales  Index with slide frame / new building
26-June-99 Some new pictures of Porcelain / Russian and
Ashanti weights
Also I had swich off the scrolling of the picture frame,
some Brownser make some problems....
August Insert a fast version of my page.... not complete ready !
The fast version include NO detail pictures !
9-Sept-99 New & better pictures - Antique scales
10-Sept-99 New & better pictures - Opium scales
11-Sept-99 New & better pictures - Coin scales
( Not in the fast version )
28-Sept-99 I start to rebuild the commercial scales part
and some new pictures of letter scales

Better pictures and more descriptions next time !
I try my best to insert themso fast I can
06-Oct-99 New Pictures of 5 Letter scales
( Not in the fast version )
16-Oct-99 New System now also by commercial scales
better pictures and text follow next days !

The New System with slide frame is now ready
( scales ) the next few weeks, I will insert new
and better pictures and descriptions.

After that I start to build also weights in the
new System.

16-Oct-99 One new spring US scale.... and a little web cleaning ;-)
19-Oct-99 some new scales: gem scale under special scales
two paper / yarn scales and one rare coin scale
24-Oct-99 200 new pictures of scales
counter / kitchen / pharmacy
25-Oct-99 30 new pictures of scales
letter / coin / counter / pharmacy
26-Oct-99 58 new pictures of scales
spring scales
28-Oct-99 54 new pictures of 14 coin scales
and one opium scale
29-Oct-99 39 new pictures of 9 scales
egg scales / grain tester / coin scales / specials
31-Oct-99 84 new pictures of 18 scales
egg scale / grain tester / coin scales / specials
pharmacy scales / letter scales
7-Nov-99 75 new pictures of 9 scales
asian scales / steelyards / coin scales / specials
pharmacy scales / letterscales
10/11-Nov-99 27 nice pictures of two rare Parcel scale and one US
Counter scale, to find under letter & counter scales
+ two Salters / Ubrich Kittchen scales
16-Nov-99 20 new pictures of two egg scales, one
folding Kitchen scale and one Salters Spring scale
17-Nov-99 update and install a new kind of scales index
under LETTER SCALES. Now you have the choice to see all Letter scales or only a special part of them.
I want to insert this new choice to all parts which keep
to much weigh systems.
19-Nov-99 Update from some descriptions.... take longer....have to find the correct words ;-)
Also some Opium weights for sell under TRADING !
21-Nov-99 96 new pictures of steelyards and bismar balances, one
COLUMBUS coin operatet scale and one demo scale
25-Nov-99 37 new pictures of steelyards and letter scales
30-Nov-99 Some better descriptions + more info about fake nested weights under - service
20-Dec-99 Only one new scale under Spring scales - a SALTER Gallon scale
21-Dec-99 New verification page - as first to find under scales. There you can see some tools which are in use by calibration of scales or weights.
26-Dec-99 Better descriptions for opium scales and the first part of all coin scales... more next time !
27-Dec-99 I complete the descriptions for coin scales...
I am sure... more will follow !!!
02-Jan-2000 Some new pictures of grain , counter, paper scales. Also a new Nuremberg coin scale to see !
04-Jan-2000 Descriptions and more descriptions... I start to loose my English words ;-(
05-Jan-2000 I insert Exit Buttons for wrong loading in the picture frames. Also some technical drawings into the picture frame of counter, coin, decimal scales.... and more
07-Jan-2000 5 US Egg scales and 2 other scales ( special ) insert. All from US collections.
The first pictures, which show scales NOT from my collection. Descriptions next update ;-)
12-Jan-2000 Better pictures under Pharmacy scales also better descriptions.
15-Jan-2000 New Counter scale
16-Jan-2000 Better Pictures and descriptions for Kitchen scales and end near up Pharmacy scales.. some pictures follow
19-Jan-2000 To long work on the scales part...
I start to update the first new WEIGHTS part - ANTIQUE -
20-Jan-2000 Some descriptions for egg scales ( NOT my collection ) and one NEW egg scale made of bakelite
21/22-Jan-2000 Better pictures for TOWN scale and some yarn, counter, spring, Pharmacy scales... + much more !
24/25-Jan-2000 Better pictures for some letter scale and some new pictures of US egg scales
28-Jan-2000 Better pictures for some more letter scale and some new pictures of Puppet scales
29-Jan-2000 Start to show a few Computing scales which I saw on ebay... I hope to get information's and pictures from other collectors !!!
2-Feb-2000 3 NEW letter scales
16-Feb-2000 A few new offers under Trade
18-Feb-2000 NEW Service
Book / Text Document Printing
26-Feb-2000 Again some new letter scale pictures.... near the end of the first scale part
7-March-2000 Two NEW nice letter scale to see, also a nice egg scale from Germany
10-March-2000 Test for the NESTED weight part
NEW STYLE link !
12-March-2000 The new style for NESTED weights is online !
Description follow so fast I can !
14-March-2000 The new style for OPIUM weights is online !
Description follow so fast I can !
15-March-2000 New style and more pictures over Fake nested weights. Insert under NESTED weights
16-March-2000 New style and more pictures over Fake opium weights. Insert under OPIUM weights
20-March-2000 Description for FAKE nested weights !
22-March-2000 New style and more pictures about Asian weights. Insert under OPIUM / ASIAN
18-April-2000 Back from a long trip !!!
On the SCALES main page, you can find a new link to a nice view of the AVERY Museum in Birmingham England !    ENTER
I start now to work on over 1000 new pictures of scales and weights. Special of Letter, Egg, Coin and Beam Scales. I will try to update my page each one or two days with some of them. Take time to insert them all.... some pictures need a lot of work !
28-April-2000 The first update with new scales !
37 Coin scales with over 200 detail pictures. The most descriptions follow later.   ENTER
01-Mai-2000 15 new egg scales with over 60 detail pictures.
03-Mai-2000 9 new spring ENTER , 5 new grain scales ENTER to see. Over 80 detail pictures.... descriptions follow later.
05-Mai-2000 Big news... 85 new letter scales with over 300 pictures... do not ask me about this work...
I have to slow down for a few days ;- /    ENTER
07-Mai-2000 Fine tuning for the new letter scales...
08-Mai-2000 About 30 new scales with again near 130 pictures. Beam ENTER , Counter ENTER , Pharmacy ENTER ,  Decimal ENTER , Steelyards ENTER , Special Scales ENTER and some more !!!
09-Mai-2000 Add the first descriptions to some Letter Scales... maybe 40 are ready    ENTER
12-Mai-2000 Add again some descriptions... today some coin scales.  ENTER
14-Mai-2000 6 new scales: 3 letter, 1 spring OPEN and 2 coin scales.
17-Mai-2000 Again some more descriptions for beam and egg scales    ENTER
18-Mai-2000 Complete the descriptions for the egg scales  ENTER + some more description for other scales (letter ENTER and some beam scales ENTER)  
18-Mai-2000 I insert links ( ENTER, OPEN ) on this NEWS page. Touch the ENTER or OPEN link to visit the page which I updated.
19-Mai-2000 Some more coin scales are online, 14 pages with over 60 pictures  ENTER
20-Mai-2000 Some new scales for SELL ENTER (Coin, letter, grain tester & Mancur scales) Also some new pictures of my last news. A nice double beam steelyard OPEN , a rare Rictus Letter scale OPEN and a small spring scale with a hanging pan OPEN and some more small news...
31-Mai-2000 Several of small news.... descriptions and some more pictures in all areas.... Helpful description "How to use" a German grain tester OPEN .
Sorry, no big news in this time. I got a new home and have to paint a lot of windows and doors +++.... a lot of scales and weights have to be moved to a new show room. After I am ready, I will start to update the weight part !
05-June-2000 Some new books available OPEN
01-September-2000 Some new books available OPEN
03-September-2000 Start to publish some maker history information's in my lexicon OPEN
15-Oktober-2000 Had a lot of work with my new page over old padlocks.... but today I update my page with some new letter scales  ENTER and one nice Wooden Steelyard from India OPEN
06-November-2000 Some new pictures about a nice Pharmacy scale made by Sartorius OPEN and one nice big beam scale on a stand OPEN.
Also new, a nice wooden decimal scale in small size OPEN
13-November-2000 Unusual grain scale  OPEN help is needed to find out any about this nice US scale !
17-November-2000 I updated my page with some new letter scales  ENTER . Next days some new pictures of iron staple weights
29-November-2000 Few new scales listed, also some new offers for sell
15-Dezember-2000 I updated my page with two new Inspector scales  1 OPEN   2  OPEN . Both are very nice and complete.
25-Dezember-2000 Some more Maker information's to find in my small lexicon  OPEN
29-Dezember-2000 Some new scales to view.
Two spring scales and two nice
steelyards OPEN 
( one is a grain scale )  OPEN
30-Dezember-2000 Some better Pictures  of Candle stick letter scales. Insert also a nice new Prussian coin scale and a small Letter scale ( tube ) and
a Roman beam scale
7-January-2001  New pictures of an very rare coin rocker / wipe. Bernsteinīs Patent  OPEN
14-January-2001 A new member area is running
at this time 4 members !
28-January-2001  New pictures of an very nice US Spring scales BROWNS  OPEN and one unusual letter scale OPEN
10-Feb-2001  4 New scales online. One nice folding
scale OPEN , one US coin wipe OPEN
an English boxed scale OPEN and as 
last a Kodak scale OPEN
11-Feb-2001  Two rare but FAKE opium weights
one in style of a cow OPEN and one elephant
with baby OPEN
22-Feb-2001  Two new scales online. One Assay scale from Oertling OPEN and one coin wipe OPEN
24-Feb-2001  I got a new small wooden steelyard OPEN
25-Feb-2001  6 new nested weights  ENTER
28-Feb-2001  I got a few new scales:
Pelouze spring scale  OPEN
Very early beam scale  OPEN
Brass base letter scale  OPEN
English coin scale  OPEN
30-March-2001  I got a few new scales:
A US Torsions balance, a nice grain
balance and US counter scale
05-April-2001 Some new scales for trade
06-April-2001 New section inside Member area
trade section for scale parts for
repair or restoration
25-April-2001 One nice large Pharmacy scale OPEN
29-April-2001 New section " Parts of an Assay scale "
Hope this is maybe a good info for new collectors or dealer to find out which part is lost or needed ! OPEN
1-Mai-2001 Coin weights page new builded ENTER
4-Mai-2001 I am off to the ISASC convention in
Chicago, will be back on the 20th Mai
19-Mai-2001 Just back on stage. Had a great trip to the USA !!! New scales to see in near each area.
The most news under coin and letter scales !
29-Mai-2001 I changed the style of COIN SCALES
so I hope it is now easier to find a scale ;-)
4-June-2001 I insert two new spring scales, one is rare and very nice !!!
8-June-2001 Start to rebuild the weights under
9-June-2001 I offer now also a OFF LINE CD
of this homepage ( faster than online ) 50 MB with 13.000 files
12-June-2001 I still rebuild the weights part... lots of new pictures !
22-June-2001 I got three rare Assay scales, two rare
Lingke scales which I searched for over
15 years.... now I got two of them.
Also a nice Sartorius Assay scale online:
All to see under Pharmacy scales
07-July-2001 A few new scales to show. One nice Watling horoscope scale to see under specials OPEN also a nice coin scale
and a Pharmacy new online !
26-July-2001 A lot of new scales to see under
Letter scales / spring scales and also some new weights
22-Oktober-2001 Sorry, I am a little behind. Had in the last month much work. So I had only small updates. Hope to continue now with my work !
25-Oktober-2001 Today I insert the first three scales from my last news. All to find under PHARMACY scales. One is very rare. A double cased Assay scale from Oertling. Pharmacy
26-Oktober-2001 Some fine letter scales now online.
Also a super weight set TROY 
31-Oktober-2001 Some small news and corrections !
11-November-2001 A very unusual Decimal scale
11-December-2001 WOW... 3 years online ;-)
23-December-2001 Some new coin / letter / steelyards online
26-December-2001 One nice new French coin scale OPEN and a Stanton Assay scale OPEN
11-January-2002 Too much news o tell ! Near each section show news. About 50 new scales are online
24-January-2002 Two new Maker histories to find under
Service / Lexicon / Maker
25-January-2002 Some new text. Also a new nice Moon scale from France and a unusual Roman steelyard
30-January-2002 New Pictures ( better quality ) for coin scales !
02-Feb-2002 More New Pictures ( better quality ) for coin scales !
03-Feb-2002 Nice OFF center inspector beam scale. To find under BEAM scales
5 to 26-Feb-2002 Worked hard on the new project of scan
catalogues. Files under 20 MB are free for download !
28-Feb-2002 Few new scales. One very nice coin scale and a unusual wooden decimal scale !
31-March-2002 TOO much news to tell. Near each area show new scales. Also I have build in links to show also
scales from other collection !
10-June-2002 New scales pictures under egg, coin, specials
and also some new weights under nested
19-August-2002 Several news over the last days. Maybe the nicest are some new Pharmacy scales and some Letter scales which I have insert. Several other pictures are re-made !
31-December-2002 Not much time found over the last month. But always some small news came up which NOT here shown.
Today some fine scale and weights are updated.
The finest under Pharmacy and Letter scales.
Happy new year and a good rush to all my friends and visitors !