Collectors help

for this page I need a lot of help, if you have description over fake or copy weights and scales
please send me a mail. Also I search for tips about care and restoring.

faketopfganz.jpeg (8407 Byte) Some fake nested weights

touch the picture for descriptions
Some fake animal / opium weights

touch the picture for descriptions


GlassWeights.gif (51304 Byte) This nice set of glass weights is not
old or used as weights. More a decoration.
Original weights have a justage on the bottom.

A price about 30 to 40 $ is OK

waagefalsch.jpg (28674 Byte) Very well reproduction of an incline scale

no problem to buy it, it is a nice scale
but it is not realy old and it have
never a calibratin mark or die on
the beam

A old kind of this scale you can see under
scales > commercial > yarn scales

If you have pictures of fakes or copies, please contact me !!!

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