20 x 13 x 8"

Milk testing scale
Pic SP 10

prove the content of water inside milk in %

the scale stand 16,2" high, the beam is 7.5" wide

Brass stand on wooden base, aluminum beam, iron pointer and counter weight,
iron/aluminum milk bucket, swimmer made of aluminum

The black colored box is the milk bucket, under this bucket you find a cartridge for provide electricity for heating the milk !!!
There is also a little screw to let out the milk. 
The scale need NO weights to proof the milk. The indicator pre-weight the beam by a spring ( inside a tube ) which connect the indicator and the beam. So you have to slide the indicator along the graduation until the balance find equilibrium ( which you can indicate by a second pointer and an small +/- graduation at the column )
A little wheel left hand side under the beam take the beam in and out weighing position.

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