Bone  Scale
Pic Sp 24

Asian Bone or maybe Ivory scale. Wooden base and back. Pans are brass.
The beam and stand is made of bone or Ivory. Very decorative with good function.
I am sure such scales are not made for real weighing.... more as kind of decoration or as symbol.
But she work in each way correct. Also the arrestment for moving the scale up and down works
like by an normal pharmacy or gold weighing scale.
The string for the arrestment is lost or rotten.
The scale it self is in very good condition !

I found my first scale like this in Sri Lanka. I am sure this one come from the same area.
No way to date them... I would say about 1900 but could be also older.
The scale measures only 14.2 cm high / 13.3 wide and 6 cm deep ( widest points )


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