Assay scale
Pic PH SC52

Very rare Oertling Assay scale with double
glass case.

Model 63P/PB

The large case measures 76 cm wide 42,5 cm deep and 81,25 cm tall
The scale it self ( with case ) measures 
34,5 cm wide 22,75 cm deep and 46,75 cm tall

Detail view to the upper part of the 
assay scale

She weigh 0.001 mg fine
( 0.000001 gram )
magnifying glass for fine weighing 

On each side two doors, one for the upper part and one for the lower part of the scale 


Good to see, the both glass plates which share the scale and the second glass front which
cover the upper  part ! 

The first glass can be slide out 



A little level unlock the glass case of this scale 
So you can fold the cover to the back 

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