Pharmacy Balance
Pic PH SC 33

Very rare English Assay scale.
Small size
10" wide
11" tall and 4.75" deep
On the left and right you see two door closed by small brass hooks.

The second hook close the front door.

The front door swing to the right

This picture shows the scale without the glass case. The pans will be stop through
two brass sliders. A steel level take the beam in and out weighing position.

All bearing are flat shaped

The brass beam is fixed with two screws on the top of the stand

The base from the stand has two
level scales and show the name of the maker.

38 Devonshire St
Portland Pl


A detail of the small weight set from this balance. All weights are mg weights.

The beam and the buckets find place in a drawer. Also the small case with weights.

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