Letter scale
Pic LETTER 109

Very unusual pendulum Letter scale "A-W Wage"
Sure made in Germany but I can not date it for sure... about 1890 to 1900 ...
ALso if a little ugly it is now one of my major scales as nearly unknown.
All perts are brass accept the front of the dial ( Paper )
she has two graduations 

0 - 250 Gram 0-100 by 1 Gram and 100-250 by 10 Gram
0 - 1000 Gram by 10 Gram

The weighing way change by flip over the hanging pan to an 
second position

She is 32 cm high and the dial has an diameter of 11,3 cm

The original pointer is lost

I do not think that several are made of such scale as she look a little like single made.
Some informations are welcome !


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