kitchenklapp1.jpg (3963 Byte)
See the pan under the weighing arm

kitchenklapp2.jpg (3086 Byte)

kitchenklapp3.jpg (3862 Byte)
The hook for the load pan

kitchenklapp4.jpg (3671 Byte)
6 beams for a KG each and one beam for the grames

kitchenklapp5.jpg (5120 Byte)

kitchenklapp7.jpg (2984 Byte)
This hook hold the pan if the scale is closed

kitchenklapp.jpg (7173 Byte)

Kitchen scale
Pic KIT 38

Nice scale which hang on the wall. The weigh technique  fold out to weigh position and seven slide beams are in use to find out the weight of the load. Very unusual scale. The same scale exist also with slide weights and fixed beams.

kitchenklapp6.jpg (7752 Byte)
The scale out of function

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