Prussian coin scale
Pic CS 41
Rare coin scale from Germany with
three knobbed and three flat coin weights.
About 1820. All made of brass. The beam is 
12.2 cm long. The nice original leather case
measures 15 cm wide, 8.5 cm deep and is
between 2.5 and 3 cm high 
Full Ducat weight
3.492 gram
Minimum Ducat weight
3.414 gram 
Ducat of Breslau
3.458 gram

The next three weights look like a coin
and they have the Prussian Eagle on the reverse. Each weight show the verification
mark of the:
"Normal Eichungs Commission"

Full 1/2 Fredric Dor Coin weight
3.340 gram
Full 1 Fredric Dor Coin weight
6.692 gram


Full 2 Fredric Dor Coin weight
13.379 gram


The weight change maybe a little because the weights are used and not polished !

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