Paulus Deinertīs maker sign was an ostrich below his initials from 1747 until 1758, then he adopted the cupping-glass sign previously used by his brother-in-law, Johann Loss. The cupping-glass can be seen at the top of the wooden lid.

coin scale Nuremberg
Pic CS 29
Paul Deinert ca. 1770
16 coin weights, 8 weights are placed
over the other.
( One weight have a pin and the other a hole )
P. Deinert use this perfect technique for easy take out of the over and under weight. There exist also scales with round weights which use the same technique. The most other scale use a thorn to remove the weights.

The nice iron beam with swan neck end have
one round and one triangular bucket. The nice wooden case is closed by one brass hook and on the lid you find the maker sign of Paul Deinert, a sign like a bleeding cup with the letters PD

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