U.S. Coin Scale
Pic  DC 31

Coin rocker patented by H. Maranville of America, in 1857, and marked underneath "Made by C. E. Staples, Worcester, Mass." The coin is located in the vee formed pan by two upturned lips. Diameter is checked against arcs scribed on the surface of the beam and annotated with coin value. Thickness is judged in relation to numbered notches on the upturned lips The flat beam has a telescopic weight which is pulled out to the mark corresponding with the coin to be weighed. the beam and weight are marked with four columns; 1 Forn Silver, 2 US Silver, 3 US Gold, 4 Forn Gold. The foreign coins covered are English and French. the short pivot frame folds flat against the beam. Brass. Length with the weight fully in, 3,1"

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