English Coin Scale
Pic  DC 12

Sovereign scales by Isaac Brown, London. The pans are marked "Brown´s Patent", but the design was only registered in 1842. Flat pendant weights below the beam keep the pans horizontal, i.e. they are mass-stabilized pans. A folding lever is used to raise the beam for weighing. the loss of gold of underweight coins is measured by a rotatable disc ( which is pivoted eccentrically ) and is graduated 0 to 6 grains. Royal Mint weights, dated 1821, are held inside the lid by a spring clip. Brown´s primary trade of watchmaker is immediately apparent in the precise and beautiful finish of the set, which is brass, blue steel and polished rosewood. length 5,1"

Mint weights dated 1821 were issued until a new design was introduced in 1842












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