Coin scale
Pic  CS 70

German coin scale made by Bernstein. You have to hold the scale on the handle to proof the weight and diameter of 5, 10 or 20 Goldmark. The beam is floral engraved and show the text

This is a rar kind of Bernsteins scales. Firstly she can weigh also the 5 Mark coin and she also
has a indicator which fold out to see better if the scale is in equilibrium

If not in use, the scale is fitted in a small paper case.

Alex Bernstein Blumenstraße 37, Berlin Germany start his company on the 18 Nov 1871. The company was deleted in 1923 ( 3. Jan. 1923 ) He had 120 Patents in 40 years . This coin wipe was made from 1875 up to 1877 ?. The name BERNSTEIN PATENT
is funny because this rocker was never patented in Germany.  The word "patent" was free in use until 1 July 1877 ( German Patent law ) The scale came original in this shown small card box with an paper which show the description and an test weight like the one which you can see on the next picture. 

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