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homepages from associations of scales and weights
Info page from ISASC 
International Society of Antique Scale Collectors
International Society of Antique Scale Collectors
Info page from Maß und Gewicht 
German association of scales and weights collectors
Info page from GMVV 
Netherlands association of scales and weights collectors
homepages from other collectors of scales and weights
An important collection of weights & measures, at Yale University
Nice trading homepage from Stuart / USA
Very informative homepage over letter scales from André Sol  bladtitel: BRIEVENWEGERS
Information on English Weights and Measures English Weights and Measures
Private museum "Avery"


homepages from dealer of antique scales and weights

Emphasizing Mechanical and Technological Artifacts

with a Specialty in Scales

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A great collection animal weights for sale mb2.jpg (2313 Byte)name.JPG (11256 Byte)mb2.jpg (2313 Byte)
A nice trading homepage for scales and weights
inside USA
Sorry, Ricks Page is gone... not sure why !
A  dealer, sometimes also weights
Info guide for scales  sbg4.gif (1891 Byte)
...more homepages with information's about scales and weights
Umrechnungstabelle für Maße und
Gewichte ( Text in German )
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Visit the
International Society of Weighing & Measurement's
Internet Web Site!
Manufacturer of precision weights
Fairbanks Scale Co.
Fairbanks Scales
Ohaus Scale Co. Ohaus
A site that performs conversions between Metric, Avoidupois, Troy, Apothecaries and Old Russian Systems Convert-me.Com
Office of Weights and Measures of the National Institute of Standards and Technology National Institute of Standards and Technology
Bureau International des Poids et Measures, English Version knop naar Bureau International des Poids et Mesures
Toledo Scale Toledo's Attic Logo
Mettler Toledo
Other homepages which are may from interest !
Very nice English homepage about safe and vault locks
Homepage for collectors of padlocks
A great site for working dress
( Text  in  German )
The Internet Resource
for collecting medical,
surgical, apothecary,
dental, and bloodletting

Versand Kunst Handel  Armin Wolter
Kunsthandwerk aus 4 Jahrtausenden
A serious dealer of antiques from asia

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